BACnet properties that represent physical or virtual points.

Property Name



A read-only standard BACnet enumerated property that represents the event/alarm state of the object.


A writable standard BACnet property that indicates , TRUE or FALSE, the object's present-value is decoupled from the physical input or output.


A writable BACnet enumerated property that indicates whether the present-value or the operation of the physical input/output is reliable as far as the BACnet device or operator can determine and, if not, why.


A read-only standard BACnet bitstring property composed of four Boolean flags that indicate the general health of the object.


A read-only proprietary property that indicates to applications the number of times present value or reliability has changed.
0 = inconsistent state (e.g. during startup) and any runtime values should not be considered reliable.

Trending, Event Enrollment, etc. objects use this property to determine if an algorithm should use this object's value.