The Field Bus Management (FldBusMgmt) object is a standardized multi-state value object in BACnet. It represents the state and information of a Field bus lan (TX-I/O, Onboard I/O, P1). A multi-state value is a control system parameter residing in the memory of the BACnet Device. The actual functions associated with a specific state are a local matter and not specified by the protocol. For example, a particular state may represent the active/inactive condition of several physical inputs and outputs or perhaps the value of an analog input or output. The Present_Value property is an unsigned integer representing the state. The State_Text property associates a description with each state.

TX-I/O support is limited to C and D series modules.




Collects the I/O field bus management, I/O field bus diagnostic, and I/O peripheral device object instances for onboard I/O.


Collects the TX-I/O field bus management, I/O field bus diagnostic, and TX-I/O peripheral device object instances for offboard TX-I/O.

NOTE: TX-I/O modules connected to 4 Module BIMs may load in communication failure if the TX-I/O is swapped and loaded with a different configuration. To clear the communication error:

  1. Reboot the 4 Module P1-BIM and observe the behavior.
  2. If rebooting does not fix the issue, clear and reload the device.

P1-Fln1, P1-Fln2, P1-Fln3

Slots reference P1 networks. These slots are empty by default, for example, SV:4194303. The slots will be populated with P1 field bus management objects based on hardware setup selections.

Each P1 FLN will have a Network view node to reference the P1 devices defined on that FLN.

Templates Collection

The template collection provides pre-engineered objects that the user can edit and create for the local device. See the PXC.A Web Interface User Guide (A6V12853119) for more information.

Modules Collection

The Module collection includes all Peripheral Device Object variants (TEC, TX-I/O, Onboard IO modules).

P1 Fln Subpoints

Any object that has an IO-Address that is on an P1 FLN will be listed in this general collection view. Each P1 object can also be viewed in its respective P1 FLN view.

Hardware Setup

Allows the user to select specific hardware choices, such as new MSTP ports or P1 FLNs on the RS485 hardware.