If Max Failed Login Attempts is enabled and exceeded, a user may be locked out for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect password attempts by a colleague or unauthorized user trying to access FIN.
  • A connector repeatedly attempting to connect with the same username but an incorrect password.
  • An external instance trying to access FIN with the same username and an incorrect password.

Exceeding the max limit of failed login attempts will disable the user. To prevent regular users from being locked out, it is advisable to create separate users for connectors and external sources. For the F200, registering the devices to Edge2Cloud is highly recommended to avoid a complete lock out.

To resolve a locked-out user on an F200 controller, try the following actions:

  • If the device is registered to Edge2Cloud, the cloud user can log in and enable and/or create a new user to access the instance.
  • Perform a "Reset Configuration" in the gateway settings of the device. This action will delete the app data such as the project, users, and gateway settings. After the device reboots, the user must reconfigure the gateway network settings and re-onboard the F200 using Building X.