Diagnostic log files can be useful for troubleshooting and may be requested by your support channel. 

  1. Connect to the project
  1. Open Folio → Launch
  1. Query for: logRead(toSpan("today"))

NOTICE! You can switch "today" with other date spans such as yesterday, thisWeek, lastWeek, etc. or use a custom range in this format YYYY-MM-DD..YYYY-MM-DD. A specific day would be YYYY-MM-DD. For example, to view the diagnostic log information from all of June 2023, enter the following query command:  logRead(toSpan(2023-06-01..2023-06-30))

  1. Toggle from Grid view to Zinc view at the top right of the window.
  1. Select everything [Ctrl+A] and copy [Ctrl+C] and paste [Ctrl+V] in a notepad or spreadsheet.