• Navigate to Host > Setting > and increase HTTPS timeout to 300,000 msec.
  • This enables download/upload of snapshots up to 817 MB via local web-browser.

NOTICE! Devices running OS 5.1.5 and later support large snapshots creation/restoration (tested up to 817 MB).


The F200 no longer redirects HTTP to HTTPS.

The F200 cannot connect to the gateway via http. Instead, specify https://x.x.x.x or to access the F200 gateway page.

Keep the Desigo Optic data, including the active project and snapshots, below 2 GBs.

Desigo Optic on F200 uses up to 2.4 GBs of disk space. However, to prevent errors, it's recommended to stay below 2 GBs. For example, a 500 MB project with three 500 MB snapshots is recommended.

The device can handle one active project of 817 MB and two snapshots of the same size. However, exceeding these limits may result in disk space errors.