Device state

LED state


Solid orange

Joining the Zigbee network

Flashes green rapidly

Successful connection

Solid green

Zigbee network failure1)2)3)

Flashes red slowly

Hardware error

Solid red4)

Factory reset

Alternates red and green

Firmware upgrade in process

Flashes orange rapidly

Manually overwriting

Flashes green slowly

Output state change5)

Flashes green rapidly for three times (0.5 Hz), and then changes back to the previous state.

  1. Relay outputs are turned off when Zigbee network fails.
  2. Check if the hub is powered on and try to reduce distance between the device and the hub.
  3. Try network reconnection.
  • Remove the device from the mobile application, press and hold down button on the device for 10 seconds to perform factory reset, and then press and hold down the same button for 5 seconds to re-add the device to the network.
  • The LED indication of hardware error is only supported in product version A. See the product version on the label (the number after "2PFS") on the back of the device.
  • Output state change can be done either on the device or through the mobile application. However, frequent switching is not recommended as the device and mobile application might not be synchronized in a timely manner. The relay outputs maintain their previous states after a reboot and firmware upgrade.
  • Priority of LED state indication (high to low)

    Zigbee network failure > manual override > normal operation (including firmware upgrade).

    For example, if you perform manual override when there is a Zigbee network failure, the LED flashes red rather than green slowly.