The Economizer Controller can detect and diagnose free cooling faults, sensor operation faults and damper modulating faults. It can also report anti-freeze and shutdown notifications and actuator errors. Following is a list of all detectable or reportable information:

  • Sensor disconnected or has no signal
  • Sensor short or high signal (under range or over range)
  • Not economizing
  • Unexpected economizing
  • Excess outdoor air
  • Damper not modulating
  • Input power monitor & brownout. After detecting brownout, the Economizer Controller enters the brownout protection mode and disables all of the relay outputs.
  • Anti-freeze notifications
  • Shutdown notifications
  • Actuator errors
  • Too low or too high leaving air temperature
  • Damper actuator cycle count. Parameter '1ACT CNT' indicates number of times actuator has cycled. It is resettable via HMI item '8ACT CNT RESET'.

The first six faults are detectable via LEDs or alarm reports on the LCD. See LED Indication and Alarms for fault indications. These faults can also be displayed in the Operating section of the Climatix Mobile app.