Before setup and configuration, it is recommended to obtain some location-based values such as shutoff points or utilize the location services in the Climatix mobile application.

Set up and configure the Economizer Controller before putting it into usage. This can be accomplished by using the Climatix Mobile app or the inbuilt display. After sensor, compressor, thermostat or actuator is connected to the Economizer Controller, values/statuses are displayed in the Operating section of the Climatix Mobile application and on the LCD. You can manually change basic and advanced settings, configure I/Os and test the damper operation and any configured outputs by modifying the corresponding parameter values in the local device or Climatix mobile application. Following chapters describe a complete list of all parameters that you can find on the LCD display. Refer to it during your setup and configuration process. Note that parameters and display menus may display differently/dynamically if different applications are configured.

Not all operations are available on the local POL224.00. For example, you can only obtain shutoff setpoints and perform CFM commissioning via the Climatix mobile application. Setup and configuration on the local device are only recommended if operations from the Climatix mobile application are unavailable. Check the Climatix mobile application for all operations that can be performed from the mobile application end.

By connecting the RS485 port to a PC, all parameters are also readable or writable from PC tools such as Modbus Poll.exe via Modbus and Yabe.exe via MSTP (Bps 38400 (default), Bps 9600, Bps 19200, Bps 115200). Note that an external End of Line (EOL) element is required to achieve Baud Rate 115200 at a maximum cable length of 4000ft (1.2km).