Menus are displayed in the Economizer Controller as per categories. There are eight first-level menus, each of which is represented by a number at the beginning of the line on the LCD. Pressing Enter + Up or Down can toggle between different first-level menus.

Submenus follow the numbered first-level menus closely. Pressing Up or Down can toggle between different submenus.

At the end of the line, the LCD displays the value of the current submenu (if any). If the value is editable, pressing Enter enters the Edit mode. The value is then highlighted for change. After making a change by pressing Up or Down, press Enter to confirm the change and exit the Edit mode.




Number representing the first-level menu of Status Display. Different numbers represent different menus:

  • 1: Status Display
  • 2: Basic Settings
  • 3: Advanced Settings
  • 4: Alarms
  • 5: Enter Configuration State and Reset
  • 6: I/O Config
  • 7: Testing
  • 8: Enter Running State




Value of the current submenu*


See Setup and Configuration for detailed submenus together with possible values or ranges.