National safety regulations

Failure to comply with national safety regulations may result in personal injury and property damage.

  1. Observe national provisions and comply with the appropriate safety regulations.

  • The device should only be installed and put into operation by a certified electrician.
  • When connecting the device, ensure that the device can be enabled.
  • Do not open the casing of the device.
  • Secure the phases with a B16 line protection switch.
  • For planning and construction of electric installations, the relevant guidelines, regulations and standards of the respective country are to be considered.
  • Do not connect DC or AC voltage to the inputs of the potential-free contacts (as this damages/destroys the device and leads to voltage carry-over to the bus).
  • Ensure safe separation from hazardous voltages when connecting the floating contacts.
  • Install the device in a location that is inaccessible to non-professionals (e.g. flush-mounted box, sill duct, control cabinet).

Incorrect installation can deactivate electrical safety features without this being apparent to a lay person.

Passing on the device

If you pass on the device, ensure you also pass on the documentation for the device, such as, the operating instructions.