1. Select Launchpad > Energy Manager.
  1. Select Configuration in the sidebar.
  1. Select the building you want to edit in the drop-down tree.
  1. Find your recorded budget in the Budgets pane and select the ellipsis button on the right.
    If you cannot see the ellipsis button, use the scroll bar at the bottom of the Budgets pane.
  • A drop-down menu containing the Edit and Delete options is shown.
  1. Select Edit.
  • The Edit budget dialog opens.
  1. Select Next.
  • The view for distributing the budget is shown.
  1. Select the By percent or Custom option.
  1. Change the value for the required month.
  • If you chose By percent change the percentage of the required month.
  • If you chose Custom change the unit value of the required month.
  • An error message opens with a warning that the total does not match the annual budget.
  1. Select the Overwrite button.
  • The annual budget is adjusted accordingly. The monthly distribution remains the same.
  1. Select Save to confirm.