1. Select Launchpad > Energy Manager.
  1. Select Configuration in the sidebar.
  1. Select the building you want to edit in the drop-down tree.
  1. Select Create in the Budgets widget.
  • The Create budget - Set up dialog opens.
  1. Set the required parameters:
  • Select the Consumption group (1).
  • Select the associated Media group (2).
  • Select the Unit of measure (3).
  • Select the Validation date (4).
  • (Optional) Add comments in the Comments (5) field.
  1. Select Next.
  • The Create budget - Define dialog opens.
  1. Enter the sum for the whole year in the Annual budget field.
  1. Select the option of distribution you require:
  • By number of days per month.
  1. Select Save (9).
  • The view returns to the Budgets pane and your newly set budget is shown in the list.