Adding equipment

To add equipment carry out the following instructions:

  1. Select Launchpad > Data Setup.
  1. Go to the Overview .
  1. Select the building you want to add your equipment to in the sidebar.
  1. Select Create.
  1. Select Create in the drop-down list.
  • The New equipment (2) pane is shown.
New equipment details
  1. Name your equipment in the Display name (3) field.
  1. Select the Equipment type (4).
  1. Fill in all mandatory fields.

All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

  1. Fill in the optional fields (5), as necessary.
  1. Go to the Relationships pane and click Add device and assign data points (6).
  • The Add device and assign data points dialog box opens.
Select controller device
  1. Select Please select controller device (7).
  • A new Add device and assign data points dialog box opens, containing a list of data points, details, and controller selector.
Controller selector
  1. Select the AHU Controller (8) drop-down arrow and select your controller.
  1. Select Assign to equipment (9).
  • The screen returns to show New equipment and Relationships panes. The assigned controller is now visible in the Relationships pane, under Is controlled by.

Adding more relationships

  1. Go to Relationships and under Feeds, click Select equipment (1).
Relationships - select equipment
  • The Create relationship dialog box opens.