This is a short description on how to link your customer's Building X account with their existing account in Navigator. Detailed information on Navigator is available in Navigator User Documentation.

  • Activate your customer’s Energy Manager license in Accounts.
    Activating product license
  • Make sure that the customer exists in Navigator.
    Onboarding customer into Navigator
  1. In the application group Administration, select the My Customers tile.
  • The My Customers table opens.
  1. Select the customer's Navigator Account (2).
  1. Select Link with SBS Customer (3).
  • The Link with SBS Customer (3) dialog box opens.
  1. Make sure that your customer is selected in the SBS Account (4) drop-down menu.
  1. In the Re-type SBS account(5) field, type in the customer’s name again to acknowledge that the Navigator account data is permanently overwritten.
  1. Click Link accounts (6) to confirm the pending linking.
  • When the procedure is done, the customer's status changes indicating that their Building X account is successfully linked with their Navigator account.

In case you have linked a wrong account or need to remove the link for any other reason, select the account you want to unlink, click Unlink and confirm. Removing the Building X customer link does not affect already synchronized data.