Here are some FAQs that may arise after you complete the customer onboarding process. For more information on troubleshooting the onboarding process, see B360 troubleshooting guide.




Why do I not see any data at all?

You are a Siemens ID user and you have multiple Navigator user accounts.

You have not selected the Navigator user account, supplying the data to Energy Manager, as the Siemens ID main user account.

You must select the Siemens ID main user account attribute for the Navigator account that supplies the data to Energy Manager. This is done in the Navigator user settings, under My Account > My Profile,. In the bottom left of the dialog box click the checkbox to select the Siemens ID Main User attribute.

For more information, see this step-by-step guide.

I see data loading but nothing is displayed. What is happening?

You may have selected Dashboard filter settings for which there are no data available.

You must adjust the Dashboard filter settings.

For more information see Smart Building Suite Energy Manager User Guide.

I see data in the Portfolio overview widget, and the Portfolio ranking widget, but no data in other widgets, why?

You may have assigned the wrong User Group in the Building X IAM application.

Make sure that you assign the correct User Group in the Building X IAM application.