Automatic process of data point activation

CCA creates and sends devices and data points to Building X cloud during Discovery. Data points are now activated by other tools and services integrated with Building X 's data point Vertical, for example, Digital Onboarding, Navigator, etc. Upon data point activation, Building X cloud sends a message to CCA to enable the data point and to start pulling data.

To avoid too many duplicated operations, CCA only handles these messages in batch every five minutes. During this five-minute time frame all data point activation messages are aggregated and processed in batch. MSiB nodes are automatically adjusted to add or remove data points from MSiB nodes accordingly. The node management is automatic and not visible from the UI. After automatic adjustments to the MSIB node, MSIB sends data (per configured polling intervals) to CCA, then CCA sends a CoV message to Building X cloud. This enables the availability of data for activated data points in Building X cloud.

Viewing the activated data points interface

The Activated data points page shows the status of each activated data point to allow users to quickly analyze the currently running environments. After the Discovery process finishes [➙ 13], select the Activated data points link on the Navigation Bar to open the Activated data points interface.

Activated Points link

The Activated data points view is shown

The Status column displays an init Value 0, until the discovered data points fully synchronize with MSiB.

When synchronization is complete the interface refreshes as shown below.

CCA Discovery normal data points

This information matches the activated or deactivated data point list in Building X cloud when no communication issue exists between Building X cloud and CCA.

Refreshing the interface

After data points are synchronized, you can refresh the page by clicking the Refresh icon located top-right side of the browser window.

Refreshing the data points view

A refresh graphic is shown while the view refreshes.

Data points not synchronized

A problem encountered during the Discovery process, leads to the following message.

This message also displays before points are activated in Building X for polling.

No synchronized data points