When you login the following CCA interface opens.

CCA Interface
  1. CCA opens showing the Discovery (1) interface.
  2. See the section titled Discovering data points for interface information.
  3. Select the Activated Points (3) link to view the data points that are active in Building X and automatically configured in CCA to send COV data. Data points are only activated by a consuming application like Building X. See the section titled Viewing activated data points for more information.
  4. Select the Settings (4) link for application HTTPS key file configuration and the Download Log feature. See the section titled Settings for further information.
  5. Select the About (5) link for CCA application information.
  6. CCA user icons shown below.

Click the User Guide icon and select the link to open the current CCA user guide.

User Guide icon

Click the User icon and select the Logout link to exit the application.

Logout option