Use the following workflow checklist to set-up a new customer for Building X Energy Manager.


It is recommended to install and commission the gateway on-site first before signing up and activating a license in the Accounts application. In doing so, you ensure use of the subscription for the maximum time allotted.

Following customer creation, it is required to manage the devices and create sites through the Devices application. Furthermore, data points must be added, the respective location and meter structure created and meter properties defined. Finally, you must apply the required settings for Energy Manager to show data.

Recommended browsers to use for the engineering activities are:

  • Google Chrome and other chromium-based browsers
  • Mozilla Firefox




Connect X200/X300

Installing the device

Before setting up a customer in Energy Manager, use the Building X Connect X200/X300 Installation and Configuration Guide to set up your device.

Connecting the device

Commissioning the device

Logging into the device


Signing up

If you have already created an account and customer, this is not required. Before using Energy Manager, you need to create a Siemens ID account and accept your company invitation using the Accounts application.

Activating the subscription license

Creating a customer


Adding a site

If you already have installed a device, this is not required. You have the option to directly add sites via the Data Setup application. When adding a new building, ensure its area (sqm) is entered to display data.

Adding a device

Once your device is set up, it will still appear as offline and will need to be activated. To be able to use the device in Energy Manager you need to add a site, add and activate the device, install the application, and update the operating system using the Device application.

Managing distribution

Updating Edge OS

Connect X200/X300

Enabling remote web access in Connect device UI

Configure tunnel endpoints.

Cloud Connector Adapter

Discovering data points

Data Setup

Setting up the location structure

Add a building or campus to enable monitoring in Energy Manager. When adding a new building ensure its area (sqm) is entered to display data.

Creating meters as equipment and configuring properties

Add meters and specify their hardware details (optional) as well as functional details. By creating meter items, it is ensured that the measured data points are configured correctly.

Assigning and activating data point/s to a meter item

Cloud Connector Adapter

Viewing activated data points

This is an optional step.

Energy Manager / Navigator

Setting budgets

Until the full availability of the configurations section in Energy Manager, selected settings are to be defined via the Navigator UI.

Ensure budgets are defined to display data in Energy Manager.

Setting tariffs

Setting emission factors