Managing accounts and subscriptions

Using Energy Manager or any other application that belongs to the Building X platform requires purchasing a subscription and creating a company account. To start the onboarding workflow, the customer needs a subscription.

There are two types of subscriptions:

  • Type 1 Subscription - Manual Renewal: A subscription that is purchased through iMall (Industry Mail) and issued by License Server Management (LMS).
  • Type 2 Subscription - Automatic Renewal: A subscription that is purchased through Subscription Manager.

For more information, see the Accounts Application User Guide.


Setting up Connect X300

Before a site can be onboarded to Energy Manager application, the Connect X300 gateway device needs to be configured. The Connect X300 is a physical device that is the connecting point between the cloud and controlled/monitored devices. This can include controllers, sensors, actuators in the building, etc. For detailed information how to connect the Connect X300 device, configure the network and firewall settings and activate the device, see Connect X200/X300 Installation Guide.


Onboarding workflow

In general, the onboarding process requires specific tasks, depending on whether the customer has not yet connected any site with meter data or is an existing Navigator customer.

For detailed instructions, see: