On the main page, select 'Time Schedule'.
Select any scheduler available in the list (this example only shows one scheduler).

The scheduler overview displays 24 hours of seven days of the week with all events set up in the scheduler.

Events on normal days are indicated with a circle.

Events on exception days are indicated by a hexagon.

Set up schedules

Tap into the scheduler field to add a new event.

Select 'Copy' to copy a profile to another day.

Select 'Exception' to add exception days (calendar).

Tap the pen (not shown here) to change the time.

Swipe to change the time. To do this, tap-and-hold the circle on the time bar to move it up and down.

Tap the 'bin' icon to remove a schedule.

Tap onto an event bar to change the state of device associated with the event.

Exception days

Select 'Exception' to access the calendar view.
Select 'ListView' to open the calendar list.

Select 'Add' to add new exception days. Three exception day formats can be selected:

  • Date
  • Recurrence
  • Date range
  • Weekdays