Legal note concept

This guide includes notes that must be followed to prevent damage to property.

Notes dealing only with damage to property use the signal word NOTICE and an exclamation point.

They are depicted as follows:

Type and source of hazard

Consequences in the event the hazard occurs

  1. Controls/prohibitions to prevent the hazard

Qualified personnel

Only qualified personnel may commission the device/system. Qualified personnel for purposes refer to qualified due to training and experience to recognize and avoid risks when working with this device/system.

Proper use

The device/system described here may only be used in building technical plants and for the described applications only.

The trouble-free and safe operation of the device/system described here requires proper transportation, correct warehousing, mounting, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

You must comply with permissible ambient conditions. You must comply with the information provided in the Section "Technical data" and notes in the associated documentation.

Fuses, switches, wiring and grounding must comply with local safety regulations for electrical installations. Observe all local and currently valid laws and regulations.

Exemption from liability

The content of this document was reviewed to ensure it matches the hardware and firmware described herein. Deviations cannot be precluded, however, so that we cannot guarantee that the document fully matches the actual device/system. The information provided in this document is reviewed on a regular basis and any required corrections are added to the next edition.