The emissions by site widget contains the list of sites and their share of carbon scope1 and 2 emissions including year-to-year the trend. Click on the header of each column to sort the data.

  1. Options menu: For more information, see More button.
  2. Site: Name of the site and its location. Click on the site to open it in Site details.
  3. Building type: The building type of the site assigned during its creation.
  4. Area: The total area of the site entered during its creation.
  5. Emission share: The share of carbon emissions per individual sites.
  6. YoY trend: Shows the comparison to the previous year.
  7. Emissions: The bar chart contains scope 1 and 2 emissions represented by different colors. The grey section of the bar represents the difference between this site and the site with the highest carbon emissions. Place your mouse pointer in the bar to see the exact values.