A calorific value represents the total energy released as heat when a substance such as gas undergoes complete combustion process. Calorific values allow to convert gaseous media measured in a volumetric unit to an energy unit. The calculation is based on two main parameters:

  • Heating value: The amount of heat obtained when a specific unit quantity of a substance is combusted.
  • Conversion factor: The ratio of gas volume in standard state to gas volume in operating state.

Creating calorific values

To create a new calorific value, carry out the following instructions:

  1. Select Launchpad > Energy Manager.
  1. Select Configuration in the vertical navigation.
  1. Select the site you want to edit in the dropdown list.
  1. Select Create in the Calorific value widget.
  • The Create calorific value dialog opens.
  1. Set the required parameters:
  • Select the required Medium (1) from the dropdown list.
  • The Base unit (2) will be entered automatically by the system.
  • Select the Target unit (3) from the dropdown list.
  • Enter the Heating value (4).
  • Select the checkbox for Gaseous (5), if your medium is gaseous.
  • Enter the Conversion factor (6), when having a gaseous media.
  • Enter the value from when the calorific value will be valid (7).
    The Valid from date defines, when the calorific value becomes active, older calorific values for the same medium will be automatically invalidated.
  • (Optional) Enter a comment in the Comment field (8).
  1. Select Save to confirm.