An emission conversion factor represents the quantity of CO2 produced by 1 kWh of a consumed medium. It is used to monitor and report CO2 emissions based on energy consumption data.

Configuring emission conversion factor

To configure a new emission conversion factor, carry out the following instructions:

  1. Select Launchpad > Energy Manager.
  1. Select Configuration in the vertical navigation.
  1. Select the site you want to edit in the dropdown list.
  1. Select Create in the Emission conversion factors.
  • The Create emission factor dialog opens.
  1. Set the required parameters:
  • Select the Medium and Unit (1) from the dropdown list.
  • Enter the CO2 emissions per kWh conversion factor (2).
  • Choose one of the emission scopes (3). For more information, see Emissions.
  • Select the Valid from (4) date in the date-picker by selecting the field or enter the correct date.
  • (Optional) Enter a comment in the Comment field (5).
  1. Select Save to confirm.