This view shows the location of individual sites of your portfolio on a world map. Unlike in the bubble chart, it also includes sites with no data belonging to the selected data type.

Some sites may be located so close to each other that it is not possible to show their location pointers without overlapping. In this case a badge with the number of sites is displayed instead of the location pointer. To see the precise location, use the zoom buttons or select the badge to zoom in automatically.

  1. More: For more information, see More button.
  2. Portfolio information: Contains detailed information about your portfolio in relation to the selected data type and budget.
  3. Consumption groups: Choose which consumption group you want to display. For more information, see Displaying individual consumption groups.
  4. Map view: Depicts the location of your sites on a map. Place your mouse pointer on a location pointer or badge that covers multiple sites to display the site (building/campus) name.
  5. Zoom buttons: Use the + and - buttons to zoom in or out.

Select a location pointer or badge to display/hide data on the right side of the widget. This feature is unavailable for sites that do not contain data belonging to the selected data type. Then you can select Add filter to refresh the Dashboard with data for only this particular site (select Remove filter to display the entire portfolio again), or Site details to open the site in the Site details page.