The bubble chart view shows the status of your buildings in a color-coded bubble chart. With the budget information activated, the colors of the bubbles refer to the defined thresholds. The defined threshold is displayed as a vertical, grey line.

  1. More: For more information, see More button.
  2. Consumption groups: Choose the required consumption group from the dropdown list.
  3. Zoom: Different options for zooming. For more information, see Zooming in the Portfolio overview.
  4. Portfolio: Contains detailed information about your portfolio or selected site.
  5. Bubble chart: Displays a bubble chart of the relative to absolute energy consumption, costs, or CO2 emissions.
  6. Each bubble represents an individual site. Place your mouse pointer on a bubble to display the site name. The smallest site and the largest site (by their area) are represented by standard size bubbles. The bubbles always have the same size regardless of the area they represent. The size of the remaining bubbles is proportional to the area of these two sites.
  7. Select a bubble to display the site data in the Portfolio area; The options Add filter (filters the dashboard by this site) and Site details (opens the Site details page) are displayed. Place your mouse pointer on the icon next to the budget percentage to see the assigned budget and the difference to the actual value.

Only sites that contain data belonging to the selected data type are displayed.