All Building X offerings use a common navigation and can be accessed over the launchpad if included in the subscription.

  1. Launchpad: Access all available offerings for your subscription. When you switch to another Building X app, your user settings, including the language, theme, and selected company, will be retained.
  2. Vertical navigation: Displays all available main panes of the app. Some apps may not have this pane.
  3. Notifications: Opens the menu to access notifications and notification rules.
  4. Help: Opens the menu to access the help and general information.
  5. User menu: Opens the menu with information about the user and functions for user management.

User menu

  1. User menu: Open/close the user menu.
  2. Name: Displays the name and email address of the logged in user.
  3. Select company: Contains a list of companies and partitions of which the user is member. Change the company by selecting another one from the Select company dropdown list. You can see a list of partitions belonging to the selected company. Currently, it is not possible to select specific partitions.
  4. Language: Select the interface language.
  5. Theme: Switch between light and dark theme by selecting it from the drop-down list. Auto applies light or dark theme according to your browser or operation system settings.
  6. Settings: Opens settings to adjust language, country, system of units and currency.
    By selecting the country, the format of date and number will be adjusted accordingly.
  7. Logout: Log out of the app.

Help menu

  1. Help menu: Opens the menu to access the help and general information.
  2. Help: Opens the user guide.
  3. Technical training: Opens the Building X Technical Training page that contains various training resources including video tutorials.
  4. Point of contact: Display contact information in Accounts app.
  5. About: Displays the app version, Corporate Information, Privacy Notice, Cookie Notice, Acceptable Use Policy and the OSS Licenses.
  6. Corporate Information: Display information about the apps manufacturer.