Budgets for a media can only be created after the media was created for the respective site.

Budgets and meters must be defined at the same level. E.g., if the meter is available for a building, the budget has to be defined for this building and not for the campus that contains it. When the campus is then displayed on the dashboard, the data from individual buildings are aggregated.

To see data on the dashboard of Energy Manager, use a energy or volumetric unit for all media or convert the media afterwards with the calorific value feature.

  1. Select Launchpad > Energy Manager.
  1. Select Configuration in the vertical navigation.
  1. Select the site you want to edit in the dropdown list.
  1. Select Create in Budgets.
  • Create budget - Set up opens.
  1. Complete the required fields:
  • Select the Consumption group (1).
  • Select the Unit (2).
    The selection adapts automatically to the consumption group.
  • Enter the value from when the budget will be valid (3).
    The Valid from date defines, when the budget becomes active, older budgets for the same consumption group will be automatically invalidated.
  • (Optional) Enter a comment in the Comment (4) field.
  1. Select Next.
  • Create budget - Specify opens.
  1. Enter the Annual budget for the previously chosen media group.
  1. Select the Monthly budget:
  • By number of days per month: The annual budget is distributed over the months, based on their length.
  • By percent: Adjust the percentage of months manually. The sum must be 100%.
  • Custom: Adjust the monthly budget manually. The sum must match the annual budget.
  • If the sum does not equal 100% or the annual budget, an error message warns that the total does not match the Annual budget.
  1. (Optional) Adjust the monthly value to equal the sum to 100% or the annual budget:
  • Select the Normalize button. The monthly distribution is adjusted accordingly. The annual budget remains the same.
  • Select the Overwrite button. The annual budget is adjusted accordingly. The monthly distribution remains the same.
  • Adjust the monthly values manually:
    By percent: Adjust the percentage to 100.0%.
    Custom: Adjust the values to match the annual budget.
  1. Select Save to confirm.
  • The view returns to the Budgets pane and your newly set budget is shown in the list.