In Energy Manager budget represents a benchmark for monthly and annual consumption. This information is available in selected Dashboard and Site details widgets. For information how to configure budgets, see Configuring budgets.

To enable budget information, use the Data > Budget option in the widget's More button.

Alternatively, in some widgets you can select the budget icon directly from the chart description to enable/disable the budget information. You may first need to expand the widget to see this option.

The budget information contains a color code which is valid throughout the Energy Manager.





No budget

No budget information available or budget display deactivated.


Budget exceeded

Sites are over the assigned budget.


>90% of budget

Greater than 90% and 100% of the assigned budget.


Within budget

Sites are within the assigned budget.


___ Budget

Aggregated value of all selected sites

With the budget information disabled in the Total consumption / costs / CO2 emissions widget and all Consumption widgets, the colors correspond to the displayed consumption group. See the following example that shows one of the consumption widgets with budget enabled (left) and disabled (right).