Energy Manager includes a forecasting function that calculates expected energy consumption, costs, or CO2 emissions for up to 12 months. An AI-enabled forecasting algorithm calculates the forecast based on historical values. The feature is available in Dashboard and Site details.

Activating data forecast

To activate the data forecasting, carry out the following instructions:

  1. Select Dashboard, Site details or Emissions in the vertical navigation.
  1. Open the Add forecast dropdown list and select the required option. The dropdown list is only available when the current and previous month is selected in the calendar.
  • Dashboard updates with forecasted values included.
  • A blue or yellow Forecasted label is displayed on the affected widgets.

The blue Forecasted label indicates forecasted values. The forecasted period is displayed in a lighter shade.
The orange Forecasted label indicates no forecasted data. This happens, when the historical data is not available or sufficient.

Deactivating data forecast

Deactivate the data forecast by selecting x on the Forecasted label above the time filter, or by selecting No forecast in the forecast dropdown list.