Accessing notifications

To access notifications, select the Notifications button from the common toolbar. The Notifications pane opens on the right side. The red badge with a number visible on the Notifications button represents the number of notifications present in the Notifications widget. In case there is no badge visible, the pane does not contain any notifications.

To close the Notifications widget, select the X button in its upper-right corner.


Removing notifications

Notifications can be permanently removed from the Notifications widget.

This procedure does not affect the underlying notification rule. For instructions how to delete or deactivate notification rules, see Managing notification rules

  • A notification is available in the Notifications widget.
  1. In the common toolbar, select Notifications (1).
  • The Notifications widget opens.
  1. Go to More and select Discard (3).
  • The notification is removed from the Notifications widget.
  1. (Optional) Go to Notifications (1) and select Discard all (2) to dismiss all available notifications.