The Site ranking widget shows sites ranked by consumption, costs, or CO2 emissions expressed in absolute or relative (per area) values, or as delta to budget.

  1. More: For more information, see More button.
  2. Ranking information: Displays the ranking information. Change the ranking criterium in More. For more information, see More button.
    The sites are sorted in descending order by default. Select the sorting button for ascending order.
  3. Ranked sites: Displays the filtered sites if available. Select a site to open it in the Site details. With Budgets activated, the colors next to the site names refer to the defined thresholds. The widget considers the total consumption, costs when tariffs are defined, and CO2 emissions when conversion factors are defined (by consumption group).
  4. Filter: Select the filter to filter the dashboard by data on the particular site. Select x to return to the previous setting.

Only sites that contain respective data are displayed.