The Heating, Electricity, Water, Cooling, Steam, Mobility, Compressed air, and Nitrogen widgets show the consumption, costs, or CO2 emissions of the individual consumption groups. The availability of these widgets depends on the type of meters connected during the customer onboarding process. All the consumption widgets have the same operating function.

- CO2 emissions are not available for water, compressed air, and nitrogen.
- Weather normalization is available only for heating and cooling.

  1. More: For more information, see More button.
  2. Consumption / costs / CO2 emissions value: The consumption / costs / CO2 emissions value for the given consumption group.
  3. Consumption / costs / CO2 emissions bar: This bar shows the consumption / costs / CO2 emissions of the given consumption group. When budget information is enabled, the set threshold is indicated by the vertical line. When the budget is not exceeded, the widget shows the vertical budget line always at 80% of the whole bar. The color of the total consumption bar varies depending on whether the consumption is within the budget (green), ten percent or closer to reaching it (yellow) or has exceeded it (red).
    For more information, see Budgets.
  4. Budget: The budget value for the given consumption group.
  5. Trend: Comparison of the total consumption / costs / CO2 emissions in the selected time period with the same period one year earlier.

Working in the expanded view

The expanded view contains an additional time series chart with information about individual media groups that belong to the specific consumption group. Each media group has its own color. You can use filters available at the bottom of the chart. Place your mouse pointer on a bar to see an overview of the values as well as the defined budget (if available).