You can add notification rules from the Portfolio overview, Consumption, and Total consumption / costs / CO2 emissions widgets.

  • Make sure that the widget shows data (consumption, costs, or CO2 emissions) for which you want to receive notifications before you start this procedure, as you cannot change this setting later on.
  1. Select Dashboard in the vertical navigation.
  1. To expand the widget control bar, select Control bar.
  1. Select Tools.
  1. Select Notification rule.
  • The Define notification rule dialog opens with information on sites and notification scope pre-filled.

Visibility of input fields and options in the Define notification rule dialog depends on the previously selected values and data availability.

All fields in the Define notification rule dialog are mandatory.

  1. In the Define threshold section, specify the event that will trigger the notification.
  1. (Optional) In the Rule name field, edit the suggested name for your rule.

By default, the notifications are sent to your email address to avoid unintentional sharing of potentially sensitive data. To change the email address, use the Accounts application, which you can access via the applications Launchpad.

Accounts Application User Guide

  1. Select Save to confirm.
  • The notification rule is created.