We recommend a firewall, to avoid anonymous client calls reaching physical machine on other, non-relevant ports, and to reduce the security risk. A Windows based firewall is a built-in software firewall solution, that allows configuration of a port-based traffic from within the operating system. On a standalone physical server or on any server without a hardware firewall connected to it, the Windows firewall provides a level of protection against network-based attacks by limiting the attack surface only to the open, unblocked ports. A hardware-based firewall is a professional and recommended solution that allows the server to perform the main computation tasks by actively offloading the server from handling the network traffic. Both solutions can be used to restrict the network traffic only to the allowed pathways. Finally, the virtual network adapters used to connect the virtual switch must have appropriate security settings and limits applied. Connect Software runs in a virtual environment that relies on the physical infrastructure of the provided machine. It offers no direct hardware interfaces such as a hardware-based edge device like Connect X200 or Connect X300. Additionally, Hyper-V manager does not provide specific settings to configure the Firewall. Therefore, the firewall rules and settings must be controlled from the host machine and Operating System (for example, opening of a specific port or asking the internet Service Provider (ISP) for advanced configuration).