The Connect Software is a virtual edge device (virtual cloud gateway device), designed to connect physical machines based on Windows Operating Systems and the equipment connected underneath, to the Cloud.

High-level topology

Detailed topology

  • Equipment: Includes the physical devices such as controllers, sensors, and actuators in the building.
  • On premise:
    • Includes the IT network and internet connectivity equipment
    • Includes the Windows based physical machine
    • Includes the Connect Software, which runs on the Hypervisor of the underlying physical machine with support for Ethernet or wireless connectivity. It also includes the local UI for operation of the Connect Software (can be accessed also from the Cloud).
  • Cloud platform: Includes the platform services of Building X.
  • Remote: Includes the remote management capabilities of the Connect Software via the Devices App as well as the supported Cloud SaaS Applications of Building X.
Detailed topology


Data communication between the Connected Devices on premise, the Connect Software, and the Cloud, requires internet connectivity (to be provided by the customer).