• You have purchased and activated the Building X Connect Software subscription.
  • You have the User Admin role.
  • You are in the Devices Application and in your organization.
  1. Go to Connect Software.
  1. Follow the provided steps to download and install the Connect Software:
  • To add the Install as an Administrator option for MSI packages, download the add_connectsoft_msi_as_admin.reg script from the provided link and save it in your local disk machine.
  • Download the SiemensConnectSoftware.MSI in your local machine.
  • Install the MSI file with Administrator rights (see Installing the Connect Software).
  • Apply the token during installation (see Installing the Connect Software).

If you need to install a program as an Administrator, you can right-click the installation file and select Run as an Administrator.

This option is not available for MSI packages.

The installation of Connect Software might take a few minutes (depending on your connection).

Tokens generated from the Devices Application are valid for 15 minutes.