This chapter describes the import and creation of a new floor. If you want to import a floor plan into an existing floor, see Importing shapes from a DWG file.

Importing a DWG file can take up to several hours.

  • You have the Advanced DWG importer user role.
  1. In the Structure, select the building for which you want to create a floor.
  1. In the Building details card, select + Create > Open plan import.
  • The Plan import view opens.
  1. Select + Create floor.
  1. In the Select import method dialog, select one of the following options:
  • Basic: This import allows the user to import geometry data into the floor plan without creating a tree structure.
  • Advanced: This import allows the user to import building structure data into the structure tree, geometry data into a floor plan, and link the objects in the structure tree with the geometry data. It also imports geometry tags that associate rooms with their usage.
  1. Select Next.
  1. Complete the following steps in the import wizard:
  • Upload a DWG file.
  • Enter the layers. Only layers with the exact name mentioned in this section are imported.
  • Enter the floor information.
  1. Select Next.
  • The import is started, and the new floor displays in the list. The expected completion time is displayed in the table.

The completion time may vary. While data is being imported, the floor’s status is set to Running. Once the import is completed, the status changes to Converted.

  1. After the status in the table has changed to Converted, select Import.
  • The floor displays in the table with the Ready to release status.
  • The floor displays under the designated building in the Structure.
  1. If the Advanced mode was used, review the floor and structure that was automatically created.
  1. Return to the Plan import view and select Release for the newly created floor.