• You have created an equipment or a device.
  1. Go to Tree view > Structure.
  1. Select the equipment or the device.
  1. Go to the Relationships card.
  1. Next to the Polling time configuration setting, select Edit.
  1. In the drop-downs, provide the following information:
  • Polling time: Frequency of retrieving data from data points.
  • Filtered interval: Frequency of sending data from data points to the user.
  • Filtered deviation: The maximum deviation that can be achieved before the user receives a notification.

In the example above, data is retrieved every 5 minutes. The user receives it every 30 minutes. However, if the deviation from norm is more than 10%, the user receives an out-of-schedule notification about that.

  1. Select Save to confirm.
  • Polling time is configured.

The polling time setting impacts the BACnet and Modbus connectors.

If defined on a device level, the polling time configuration is only valid for the data points of that device.