The Functional details card displays after selecting the Meter equipment type and with the Energy Manager subscription. In that case, follow the instructions in Configuring functional details.

  1. Measures location: Displays the location measured by the meter. The location can be different from the location of the equipment displayed in the Relationships card.
  2. Type: Displays the type of the report.
  3. ID: Displays the ID of the meter. The ID is created automatically after saving the meter.
  4. Valid from: Displays the date the meter is valid from. This field is automatically set to the creation date of the meter but is editable.
  5. Data point: Displays the device and data point that was assigned to the equipment in the Relationships card.
  6. Medium measured: Edit the medium and media group that is measured by the meter.
  7. Unit: Select the unit the results are displayed in.
  8. Start value: Enter the start value for the measurement.
  9. Reading interval: Select the interval for the recording of the measurement.
  10. Reading method: Select the reading method.
  11. Aggregation: Select the aggregation for the measurement.
  12. Measuring method: Select the measuring method.
  13. Missing data: Select the method for compensation of missing data in the results.