The Functional details card displays only for users with the Energy Manager subscription and having membership in a user group with the Energy Manager Advanced user role after selecting the Meter equipment type in the New Equipment card.

  • You have created a new equipment and selected the Meter equipment type.
  • You have onboarded a device in the same location.
  1. Go to Hierarchy > Relationships.
  1. For Controlled by, select + Add device and assign data points.
  1. From the Gateway drop-down list, select either a physical or virtual gateway.
  1. From the Device drop-down list, select the device.
  1. From the table, select the data points.
  1. Select Assign.
  1. Go to Functional details.
  1. (Optional) To add a different Measures location, select Edit.

By default, the same location as in the Relationships card is selected. Once the meter is created, this field is not editable.

  1. Choose a location.
  1. Select Save.

Only locations of the building type can be selected. The Measures location field can only be edited during creation of the meter.

  1. Select + Select medium and media group.
  1. In the Select medium and media group dialog, select the consumption group from the drop-down list.
  1. Select the media group and medium.
  1. Complete the other fields appropriately.
  1. Go to New Equipment.
  1. Select Save.