In Building X apps, the following user interface elements are used:

Search bar

The search bar allows you to search for entries in the related table. The search term can be a free text search or you can use one of the available filters to specify your search term. Usually, all column headings are available as filters.

Time filter

With the time filter you can limit the displayed data to a defined period.

Toggle button

The toggle button is used to turn a feature on or off, for example, Notifications.

The colored state displays if the feature is activated:

The grey state is displays, if the feature is deactivated:


Checkboxes allow to edit or select multiple entries at once.


The More button opens an overflow menu that contains additional functions. Depending on the position of the button, the functions apply to the whole table (1) or a single row (2). The icon is also available in widgets (3).


Sort entries

In some widgets or tables, entries can be sorted alphabetically by selecting the A - Z or Z - A button.