1. Represents in total: Displays the number of rooms, equipment, zones and other assets in your building.
  2. Go to 2D floor plan editor: Opens the 2D floor plan editor.
  3. Details: Popover with details about the selected geometry.
  4. Reset: Resets your position on the map to the floorplan's original reference point.
  5. Zoom: Zooms in or out of the map.
  6. Distance bar: Displays the distance (meters) you are viewing the floorplan in the map.
  7. Zone: Select a zone to be highlighted in the floorplan.
  8. Popover: If active, the popover (3) appears if selecting a geometry.
  9. Floorplan image: Displays or hides the floorplan geometry.
  10. Map: Displays or hides the background map.


If there is no floor plan added, the floor plan quick view displays Visualize the floor and the button Go to 2D floor plan editor.