1. Represents in total: Displays the number of rooms, equipment, zones and other assets in your building.
  2. Go to 2D Floorplan Editor: Opens the 2D Floorplan Editor.
  3. Details: Popover with details about the selected geometry.
  4. Reset: Resets your position on the map to the floorplan's original reference point.
  5. Zoom: Zooms in or out of the map.
  6. Distance bar: Displays the distance (meters) you are viewing the floorplan in the map.
  7. Zone: Select a zone to be highlighted in the floorplan.
  8. Popover: If active, the popover (3) appears if selecting a geometry.
  9. Floorplan image: Displays or hides the floorplan geometry.
  10. Map: Displays or hides the background map.


If there is no floorplan added, the Floorplan quick view displays Visualize the floor and the button Go to 2D Floorplan Editor.