Floorplan quick view and 2D Floorplanner can be used to manage your floorplans in the Data Setup application.

Floorplan quick view

2D Quick viewer allows users to have a quick visual reference of floorplans. These floorplans visualize entities and their locations within a company.

The following entity types can be viewed:

  • Location: Rooms, Floors, Outside, Multiple Floor Area, other generic location
  • Asset: Device, Equipment, Door, Furniture, Window, other generic asset

2D Floorplanner

2D Floorplanner allows users to inspect, design, and modify their floorplans. Users can add existing floorplans, create/draw geometrical shapes and outlines of their assets (rooms, devices, and equipment), and provide additional information on their assets such as area, dimensions, and geometrical ID to a building structure.