The 2D floor plan editor allows users to inspect, design, and modify their floor plans. Users can add existing floor plans, draw geometrical shapes and outlines of their assets (rooms, devices, and equipment), and provide additional information on their assets such as area, dimensions, and geometrical ID to a building structure.

  1. Structure and layers: View the structure and layers of your floor plan. Layers include rooms, equipment, devices, and other geometrical figures such as doors and furniture.
  2. Move objects: Move geometrical shapes and assets (locations, equipment, and devices).
  3. Floor plans: Select the floor plan from the drop-down menu.
  4. Create another: Open dialog to create another floor plan.
  5. More: The More menu includes additional editor features such as deleting floor plans, editing details, changing the reference point, and more.
  6. Editor view: Displays the current selected floor plan. You can use the drawing features and additional features to change how things are viewed. The editor view displays geometric shapes of designed assets, such as rooms, devices, and equipment.
  7. Save changes: Save changes in the floor plan editor.
  8. Shapes: Draw geometrical shapes and assets (locations, equipment, and devices), or use a predefined palette to add them by drag-and-dropping.
  9. Create zone: View or hide available zones. Open dialog to create a zone that connects different geometries that are related.