Equipment to equipment relationships link equipment together. There are different equipment to equipment relationship types:

  • Part of / Parts
  • Supplied by / Supplies

To create a relationship, follow the instructions below.

  • You have created the equipment you want to create the relationship for. See Creating entities.
  1. Go to Hierarchy > Structure.
  1. Select an equipment entity.
  1. Go to Relationships.
  1. Go to the correct relationship type and select Select equipment.
  1. Select the equipment.
  1. Select Assign to confirm.
  • The relationship is created. The opposite field in the second linked equipment is filled automatically.

Part of / Parts relationship

The Part of / Parts relationship is a free, user defined relationship where the Part of equipment belongs to the Parts equipment.

Example of the Part of / Parts relationship:

FanEquipment type:DamperEquipment type: Air Handling UnitEquipment type:Part of / parts relationshipis part ofhas partspartsis part of

Supplied by / Supplies

The Supplied by / Supplies relationship is a free, user defined relationship where the Supplied equipment belongs to the Supplied by equipment.

Example of the Supplied by / Supplies relationship:

ChillerEquipment type:BoilerEquipment type: Air Handling UnitEquipment type:Supplied by / supplies relationshipsuppliessupplied bysuppliessupplied by