The Edit data point tags page opens after selecting Edit tags in the Data points connected to this device card for a selected device or the Data points card for the selected piece of equipment.

The Edit data point tags page displays the following information on all tags for the selected data points:

  • Name: List of selected data points on the left side.
  • Library: Name of the haystack library.
  • Tag name: For custom tags, this field displays the user defined tag name. For haystack tags, this field displays the haystack tag name.
  • Tag value: For custom tags, this field is editable.
  • Confidence: Only visible for tags in draft status. The confidence score shows how confident the automatic enrichment algorithm was when adding the draft tags to the data point. Users can use this confidence score as a guide to understand which tags should be reviewed with more attention before publishing them.
  • Status of the tag: Draft or Published. Tags on virtual data points are always Published.
  • Type of the tag: Custom or Library.

The following functions are available for multiple tags at once:

  • Remove: Remove tag.
  • Publish: Publish tags with Draft status.
  • + Add tags: Add tags from haystack libraries.
  • + Create tags: Create custom tags.