The fire control panel connection is not possible or instable

The connection to Cerberus Portal is lost and inconsistent data is saved to the fire control panel.

  1. Only use the Siemens 'Cloud device' tool for informational purposes and not to connect to the Cloud. Instead select 'Connect' or 'Disconnect' / 'Log off'.


  1. In a supported web browser, enter the link:
  1. Login to the portal Cerberus Portal.
  1. In the navigation bar, select 'Sites'.
  1. Select a site from the list if you want to operate multiple sites.
  1. On the right side, select 'Connect'.
  1. Read the security text before continuing. Select to open a connection.
  • The tunnel is connected and the button changes to 'Disconnect'.
Type and source of hazard

Check whether you are connected to the Siemens Internetwork if the connection is not established within 10 seconds.