• A test plan in the Open state is available.
  • A building floor plan is available with zone, device, and address information.
  1. Select Test plan & report .
  1. Select next to the test plan, then Edit.
  1. Enter the following data in the Edit the device dialog box:
  • Select the corresponding state from the State drop-down list box:
    - Pass (cannot be selected. The information is updated as part of the synchronization with the fire control panels)
    - Failed
    - Skipped
  • Select a comment as needed in the Comment drop-down list:
    - Room locked
    - Not accessible
    - Skipped at customer request
    - Other
  • Enter a Comment for Other.
  1. Select Update.
  • The device is tested and includes a comment.
  1. Edit the other devices on the test plan list.