1. Start ABT Site.
  1. Open the project with the devices registered for the Cloud.
Type and source of hazard

The device serial numbers must match the serial number in column Serial number from ABT Site. It cannot connect if this serial number does not match.

  1. Select the arrow symbol to the right of Connect .
  • The Connection settings dialog box opens.
  1. Select the Cloud tab.
  1. Select Connect. You may have to enter additional authentication methods depending on the connection to the server.
  • The Cloud log in dialog box opens.
  1. Enter your Siemens ID and password.
  1. Click Log in.
  • After connecting to the Cloud, the devices are displayed in the tab Device in the Cloud.
  1. Select the device to connect to the Cloud.
  1. Select Connect.
  • After connecting to the device, it is displayed in the Discovered devices tab.
  • You can now start to engineer with ABT Site Engineering.