This is a short description on how to create a connection to the Cloud. Detailed information on Accounts application is available in document A6V12050070.


  1. Select link
    or the link in the email.
  • The Accounts application log-in page opens.
  1. Select the user language from the drop-down list in the upper righthand corner.
  1. Read the security text before continuing.

After login you can directly access and influence connected sites and assets as specified in the related documentation. You and your company are solely responsible for any impact on the connected sites and assets which result from your use of this Service.

  1. Select Log In / Sign Up.
  1. Enter the log-in data and select Log In.
  1. Enter the activation key and select Continue.
  1. Enter your company data in fields Company and Address and select Continue.
  1. Select the Cloud product Desigo Remote Access and select Continue.
  1. Check the entries and select Activation.
  • Features and expiration dates are displayed in the Subscriptions tab.
  1. Close the Accounts application.
  1. Register devices. There are two different workflows available:
    - Register with Devices application as an alternative to ABT Site registration
    Register with ABT Site